iLanga, Inc.

iLanga, Inc. is a small company based in Kirkland, WA close to Seattle. Since 1993 our speciality has been in the design and implementation of software, especially for the scientific and engineering markets. Notable among our many products (mainly in-house and proprietary) are:

  A complex, cross-platform tool for astronomical observation planning and telescope control, AstroPlanner (Macintosh and Windows)
  A complex Windows port of a commercial portfolio and financial management package, CAPTOOL (Windows)
  A flexible stock market technical analysis and portfolio management package, Tradex (Macintosh) [No longer available]
  Several large in-house applications for the radio communications industry to simulate and design complex communications systems (Macintosh and Windows)
  Data acquisition and analysis software (DOS)

We also offer consulting services in these fields.

Our address is:

Note: We created the company in the middle of winter. Having not seen any sunshine for months we decided that "Sun" was an appropriate name for the company. However, it was already taken. We hauled out a multi-language dictionary and looked up "sun" in other languages. "iLanga" is the Zulu word for "The Sun". It is common to prefix Zulu words with lower-case "i". Since we created the company it has become common practice to prefix company names with "i" or "e" to denote the fact that they are Internet-related. We wish it known that we didn't follow this trend in our naming. The correct pronunciation is "ill-anger", not "eye-langer".

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